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Police violence has no borders: human rights, land defense and police impunity

State violence to suppress social movements is an international issue. PBI has witnessed police violence and repression used to silence defenders across the world for the past 40 years, a trend which has increased over recent years putting democracies at risk. In this webinar, we will discuss the issue of police violence featuring defenders from […]

okt 30
Friday October 30th 2020 15:00 - 17:00

Honduras: the fight for access to land in times of pandemic

Honduras: La lucha por el acceso a la tierra en tiempos de la pandemia. The existing fight for access to land in Honduras has been exacerbated by the government measures to deal with the current pandemic. The main goal of this event is to to discuss how this struggle in Honduras can be supported. Hosted […]

okt 15
Jueves 15 de octubre de 2020 16:30-18:00

ARTIVISM for Environmental Justice – Webinar by Justice and Peace

De strijd voor de bescherming van het milieu is een wereldwijde beweging die iedereen verbindt. Wat zijn alternatieve manieren waarop we actie kunnen ondernemen? En hoe kunnen wij onze stemmen laten horen en zien? De combinatie van KUNST en ACTIVISME wordt al lang gebruikt als een krachtig middel om mensen te mobiliseren en kwesties aan […]

okt 14
Woensdag 14 oktober 2020 17:30

Deadline solliciteren voor veldvrijwilliger in Colombia

Peace Brigades International zoekt nieuwe veldvrijwilligers voor het projectland Colombia. Solliciteren kan tot en met zondag 4 oktober 2020.   De volledige vacature (Spaans) en het aanmeldingsformulier vind je op de website van PBI Colombia.   Meer weten over wat het inhoudt om PBI veldvrijwilliger te zijn? Lees dat hier.

okt 04
Zondag 4 oktober 2020

SOLD OUT: Docu night and discussion l Está Todo Bien

???? ????? ??? ?&? | ????́ ???? ???? SOLD OUT/UITVERKOCHT! Venezuela is a country rich in natural resources that for decades had one of the best public health systems in the entire region. Today, the near-total collapse of Venezuela’s health system is resulting in severe medicine shortages, a dramatic increase in infant mortality, the reappearance […]

sept 10
Thursday September 10th 2020 20:30 - 22:30

Webinar: Protecting our future through corporate accountability

Holding corporations to account is vital in times of ecological and epidemiological crisis. Join our discussion of the latest developments in corporate responsibility and environmental rights. Register for this webinar Chair Richard Hermer, Alliance for Lawyers at Risk member and Corporate Accountability Expert at Matrix chambers Speakers Richard Meeran, Leigh Day lawyer specialising in international […]

jul 08
Wednesday July 8th 2020 18:00

Human rights violations in Venezuela – Online documentary and discussion

For 10 years already, Venezuela is going through an unprecedented political, economic and humanitarian crisis. To raise awareness on this ever worsening situation in Venezuela, we organise the screening of two short documentaries: Where Chaos Reigns Shelter City Utrecht: David Gómez Gamboa defending academic freedom Following the screening, we will discuss more in-depth the greater […]

jul 08
Wednesday July 8th 2020 19:30 - 20:30

Webinar: The legal community and environmental rights

Defending the environment is a risky business. Join our discussion of the crucial role that human rights defenders play in protecting our planet, the risks posed by COVID-19, and pro bono initiatives taken by the international legal community to help them. 24/06/2020 at 18:00 (Amsterdam time) Register for this webinar Land and environmental rights defenders […]

jun 24
Wednesday June 24th 2020 18:00

Webinar: Defending human rights under lockdown in Latin America

Learn about the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on freedom of expression, displacement, and militarisation in Latin America, and what human rights defenders are doing about it. 10/06/2020 at 18:00 (Amsterdam time) Responses to the outbreak in Latin America have put human rights defenders in extreme risk. At the same time, hunger and poverty are set […]

jun 10
Wednesday June 10th 2020 18:00

Webinar: Government and grassroots responses in Kenya

03/06/2020 at 18:00 (Amsterdam time) Kenya is only at the beginning of their fight against COVID-19, but the impact on millions of ordinary citizens is already extraordinary. Kenyans are worried about the government’s response: there are no border quarantine provisions, not enough ICU beds, and national Coronavirus hotlines don’t work. The virus poses incredible risk to those living in Nairobi’s densely […]

jun 03
Wednesday June 3rd 2020 18:00

Women of the Venezuelan chaos – Online film screening and discussion

Shelter City Utrecht would like to invite you for the online screening of ‘Women of the Venezuelan Chaos‘, an award-winning documentary showing us a portrait of Venezuela, a country now in chaos. The story is seen through the eyes of five women of different ages and backgrounds. They all face a severe lack of food and […]

apr 06
Monday April 6th 2020 19:30 - 21:30

GEANNULEERD: Dialoog Griftpark: Mensenrechten (also in English!)

Deze activiteit is geannuleerd als gevolg van de maatregelen m.b.t. covid-19. Waar denk jij aan als het om mensenrechten gaat? Welk mensenrecht is voor jou actueel? Vertrouw jij op de rechtstaat? Ervaar je vrijheid, gelijkheid en bescherming of niet? En wat doe je dan? Iedereen is van harte welkom! Neem vooral ook stadgenoten met andere […]

mrt 19
Thursday March 19th 2020 19:00 - 21:30

GEANNULEERD: Dialogues with Civil Society: Threats to Academic Freedom

Deze activiteit is geannuleerd als gevolg van de maatregelen m.b.t. covid-19. Nalacs and CEDLA in collaboration with Peace Brigades International – The Netherlands, are organising the first 2020 edition of the ‘Dialogues with Civil Society’ series. This time we will discuss threats to academic freedom in Latin America together with David Gómez Gamboa, a human […]

mrt 13
Friday March 13th 2020 15:30-18:00

International Women’s Day

On the 8 of March, we celebrate International Women’s Day with the pre-première of WOMAN (+ Q&A) We still live in a world where inequality affects a woman throughout her entire lifetime. Millions of women endure their lives rather than choosing them; forced to marry, deprived of an education, the right to vote or going out in […]

mrt 08
Zondag 8 maart 2020 13:00 - 16:00